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Fort Belmont/JCT Inc. was formed exclusively for charitable, historical and educational purposes. The corporation is a 501c3, non-profit organization. Our goal is to promote Jackson County, primarily the Fort Belmont complex, and to preserve Native American and early settler history of Southwest Minnesota.

Fort Belmont’s strength lies within a great group of volunteers who work together diligently to preserve our heritage and history. They are always looking for new ways to share this history and bring people of all ages out to Fort Belmont. Fort Belmont is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. A number of other volunteers from the area also help staff the museum, give tours to the public, and aid in special events held at the Fort. Our volunteers are dedicated people who have a passion for history and enjoy sharing that passion with visitors to the Fort. If you would like to join our team, please contact a local board member or call the Chamber of Commerce office at (507) 847-3867 for additional details.

The costs to maintain the Fort complex, along with expanding or new projects, continues to rise every year. Our volunteer board does a great job of fundraising in support of the Fort. Even with many people working together to insure the Fort remains open for the public, donations are still needed to keep the Fort viable. If you would like to help Fort Belmont, please send your donation to: Fort Belmont, 114 Third St., Jackson, MN 56143. Your support is greatly appreciated and it's tax deductible!